Waste Management

Bins must be emptied, cleaned and dried inside and out, bin-liners replaced where necessary and placed in their original locations. Liners must be used at all times.

PR shall Collect the garbage from the garbage collection point and segregate the waste in recyclable and non-recyclable type and shall ensure proper disposal of waste outside the premises as per the standards and directions provided by Competent Authority

PR shall ensure that 100% of recyclable waste is being recycled.

PR shall be responsible for arranging the transport and in consultation with Authority, shall identify the area / frequency for garbage disposal. Proper waste disposal system shall be adopted and collection points shall be defined.

Waste Management Methodology

Waste management methodology shall comply with the guidelines laid down in applicable Waste Management Rules of Central Government and Local Authorities

Renovation Debris is to be stored at designated space at designated area

The PR undertaking the renovation work would remove the debris when it amasses to a volume equivalent to a tempo load