Disinfection & Sanitization Services Muscat

Get a complete Disinfection & sanitization Service Muscat done. We offer safe, sustainable, and healthy solutions for all areas of your business using advanced eco-friendly technologies.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused global pandemic since late 2019. Governments and health organizations has sent tremendous amount of warnings and guidelines to avoid the propagation of the virus. Although, many governmental and privet institutes have done many precautions such as, rising awareness and self-sanitization, still there are some gaps that can affect/transfer the virus especially at working environment through direct connection of the object’s surfaces. Below are some facts shows the coronavirus life in each surface:

  1. Hard paper 24 hours.

  2. Metal 72 hours.

  3. Fabric 9 hours.

  4. Copper 4 hours.

  5. On air 3 hours.

  6. On hands 10 minutes.

Solutions & Recommendations

PR team usually evaluate the site and to propose effective solution for stated problem above. Also, PR created environmentally friendly solution consist of three stages to ensure the disinfection ans sanitization services is done properly as follows:

Stage one: Spraying (ULC machine & manual pump) the sanitizer liquid all over the physical surfaces such as, bathrooms, all types of floors (tiles and carpets), chairs, sofas, walls etc.

Stage two: Wiping hard surfaces by sanitizer liquid such as, tables, chairs, metal surfaces, doors, glasses, electrical devices, leather chairs.

Stage three: Utilization of steam device to have extra protection on fabric surfaces.

Cleaning Products Used

As the vision of PR implies, our professional team has selected the most effective eco-friendly materials and chemicals. The disinfection utilized is UK made, qualified and authorized by WHO organization and ministry of health. We believe that leaving a home or office spotless doesn’t mean that we have to harm the environment. The products we use are non-hazardous, non­toxic and enhanced with essential oils. Finally, the smell of the sanitizer (Limon or Pine) after the service is refreshing and does not cause any harm or discomfort.


There are two pillars needs to be considered while conducting the sanitizing service. The first part is the customer, were we emphasis earlier that material and chemicals used are not harmful however, the location should be empty while conducting the service since the spraying stage may affect their eyes if not protected.

The second pillar is the sanitizing team including the engineer and the technicians they have to be protected and sanitized for two reasons. One is to avoid transferring the coronavirus from one location to another. Second to protect their eyes and skin from direct contact of the disinfectant. Therefore, special procedures and protocols has been implemented to overcome all the health, safety and environment concerns or challenges. Below are PPE used for this service​