Cleaning Services

Perfect Reflection offers various types of commercial cleaning services, which provides to clients by
selecting right cleaning materials and equipment to deliver the best cleaning solutions for your commercial needs.

We manage high standards and maintain our services with best quality results.

​Perform routine cleaning of the internal and external areas to meet the required service standard.

​Cleanliness of all common spaces and space inside Convention Hall, Green Rooms, VIP Room, Exhibition spaces, Guest rooms and Dormitories, Kiosk spaces for artisans at Crafts Bazaar, Govt. offices and meeting rooms. Within Project Facility.

Cleaning Services for Companies

Perform cleaning and upkeep of exhibits and artifacts, IT & AV equipment’s in the project Facility (other than those inside Museum) as per the directions in Manuals / as per directions of representative of Authority.

​Perform periodic cleaning of glass facades, structure at entrance plaza, external claddings etc. at all heights (internally and externally)

​Additional housekeeping services as and when required by Authority.

​Deploy equipment’s for cleaning and shall be responsible for maintaining these at all time.

​All costs for purchase/repair/spares/maintenance etc. for these equipment’s will be borne by PR.

​Responsible for the safekeeping of these equipment’s at the project facility and shall not take out these equipment’s any time during the term of contract other than for repairs. In case such repairs take more than a week, PR shall arrange to provide alternate equipment for the Project Facility.

Cleaning Services for Companies

Adopt a proactive approach to the delivery of this Service. As such, they are required to report immediately any defects, deterioration, or damage to the property at Project Facility as soon as they become aware of such defects in the course of their duties under this Contract.

​Dusting / cleaning of all furniture, sills, counters, screens, blinds & curtains, light fittings, signage, doors, door frames, fittings and glass pans etc. to remove debris, stains, cobwebs and marks.

​Stairs including treads, risers, nosing, banisters, balustrades, handrails, ledges and protective wire guards where present must be free from dust, debris, stains and marks.

Polishing / vacuum cleaning / cleaning of floors, carpets, carpet tiles, mats and mat wells and ensure the same must be free from grit, dust and debris with no apparent stains. They must be clean and dry. All carpeted areas are to be cleaned by the manufactures recommended methods and recommended intervals.

​Clean all water tanks and disinfects specially before start of rainy season and as instructed by Authority.

​Regular cleaning of storm water drain, manholes, sewage lines etc. for removal of any blockages.

​Entrances, service areas, parking areas, paving, paths, roads, grounds amphitheaters, courtyard sand, lawns at the entrance, outside premises must be maintained so that no graffiti, debris, litter cigarette ends, dirt or spillages are apparent after cleaning.

​Server Room, Control Room etc. must be free from dust, static electricity and be left clinically clean.

​Sticky substances like chewing gum shall be removed before any cleaning procedure is carried out using an appropriate cleaning technique and chewing gum remover.

​Care is to be exercised when staff/visitors are still on the premises. Wet floors should be sign-posted. Trailing cables and open sockets should be made safe.

​All cleaning methods used must be of a sufficient quality to meet these standards and to maintain any guarantees on the floor covering.

​Stainless steel surfaces must be treated with an appropriate cleaning and polishing agent.

Cleaning of Toilets

All sanitary ware including sinks, wash hand basins, WC bowls, seats, covers, hinges, tops, undersides, rims, taps, overflows, outlets, chains, plugs, urinals, brushes, toilet roll holders, tiled surfaces, splash backs, and vanity units must be free from scum, grease, hair, scale, dust, soil, spillages and removable stains. In addition, the surfaces should be disinfected.

​Floors should be cleaned to the same standard as other building floors. In addition there should be no evidence of scum, grease, hair, and scale and the floors must be disinfected.

​Soap dispensers must be filled, operating correctly with clean nozzles, the external surfaces must be clean dry and free from smears.

​All toilets should be kept fully stocked with supplies and should be made available at all times.

​Dispensers must be clean, dry and free from dust, marks and smears with clean towels fitted. Hot air dryers must be clean, dry and free from dust, marks and smears.